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Feb 11, 2014

So I’m a pretty smart dude, I’ve been doing my personal taxes for years. Then I start a meager LLC. Complete confusion ensues. Really more like complete aversion to learning more inane tax forms. I’m trying to run a business, right? Anyway, through the magic of Google, I got in touch with Cassidy at MBS and he calmly handled all my problems, even within a couple of weeks of the filing deadline.

That was last year, and after the second year of doing business with MBS I can recommend them highly. I can’t explain how great it is to just take a small stack of paperwork to someone, and to have your taxes done confidently a few days later. He was also able to handle our personal taxes, and answer any questions I had–all for a price I felt comfortable with, considering I didn’t have to sit in line in some storefront tax mill, or that sort of thing.

Maybe now that I have all this free mental energy and time that I would have spent doing taxes and researching stupid questions, I can start making enough money to employ their other services. Thanks to MBS for making me see the value of “having an accountant.” Granted my situation is relatively simple, but I have no doubts that MBS would professionally handle anything I needed.