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6Feb 2015
Feb 6, 2015

Make a table of contents in your Google doc

Do you ever need to make a table of contents in your Google Doc? Google can do that! Around this time last year, we published a tip on making bookmarks in your Google Docs. Making a table of contents is a similar, equally excellent feature. If you have a longer Google Doc with a lot of separate sections and you need a table of contents, this is all you need to do:

  • Using the drop down menu under “Normal Text,” make each of your section headers into an official “Header 1.” If this changes the format of your headers, don’t worry — you can change the header style to match your preferences later.
  • Once you’ve converted all your section headers, go to the part of your document where you want a table of contents. Select Insert >Table of Contents.
  • As you write, you can hit the refresh button in the box with your table of contents, and it’ll automatically include any new section headers you’ve added.


Originally posted: http://neworganizing.com/content/blog/tip-make-a-table-of-contents

By: Mariah Minigan is Office and Benefits Manager at NOI 

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