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Tax Services

Tax Services

We are a Fresno, CA full service tax preparation service. We offer a variety of services to meet your tax needs.

Business Tax Preparation

Whether you are a small business owner operating as a sole proprietor or a registered corporation, you’ll want help filing your taxes so that you pay as little as possible without risking an IRS audit. We offer:

  • Preparation of tax returns for both large and small businesses

  • Tax planning services for business owners

  • Research on business tax issues

  • Multi-state tax returns

  • Tax advice related to starting, closing or transferring your business

  • Helping choose the right entity to minimize taxes

  • Year round business tax support

Individual Tax Preparation

Don’t get stuck paying a lot more than you have to. Let us prepare your individual tax return so that you can take advantage of all available deductions and tax credits. We examine your financial records so that we can get you the biggest refund or smallest tax payment possible. We’re available all year to provide you the needed support for tax season.

Tax Planning

Good news at tax time requires planning throughout the year. Whether you are a business owner who needs to plan for estimated taxes and business deductions or an employee who is concerned about withholding amounts and retirement plan contributions, we can help you figure out how to save money on taxes while complying with all relevant tax laws. Don’t be surprised by your year-end tax bill.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

Did you miss a return you were supposed to file? Don’t panic; we can help. We can get your returns filed for you with a minimum of penalties and fees so you can begin to take control and get the IRS off your back.

Back Taxes Owed

Whether you owe money to the federal government or the state of California, you need to settle your account as soon as possible. Avoid exorbitant fees and penalties by taking care of back taxes now. We can help reduce your penalties and in some cases can reduce the amount you owe so that you can get caught up as soon as possible.

Payroll Tax Problems

If you haven’t paid payroll tax properly, you may face steep fines or jail time. Don’t risk your business, your finances or your freedom. Let us speak to the IRS on your behalf to resolve the problem and get you back in compliance with payroll tax laws.

IRS Leins

If you’ve ignored the IRS for too long and ended up with a lien against your property or your bank account, you can’t afford to wait another minute. Contact us right away so that we can intervene. We can help you settle your account with the IRS and get those liens removed.

IRS Wage Garnishment

If the IRS is seizing part of your paychecks to pay your tax debt, we can help. You can’t afford to let this situation escalate; let us represent you in front of the IRS so that you can settle your account without wage garnishment.

IRS Payment Plans

If you can’t afford to pay the IRS in full, you may be able to pay in installments. We can help you set up your payment plan with the IRS. We can also help get your installment plan reinstated if you have defaulted on it.