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Nonprofit Accounting Services

At MBS Accountancy, our team is always at the ready to help you with any accounting or financial service needs you have. Nonprofit organizations have unique needs, filing requirements, and specialized regulations. Hiring just any company to handle your nonprofit organization’s financial systems is simply too risky. Instead, hire a company with an extensive reputation and an outstanding level of experience for all of the help you need.

Accounting for Non-Profits
Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services through our CPA makes sense. You’ll reduce the risk of errors in your books that could cost your organization dearly. You’ll know where your money is going and how well your investments are working for you. You’ll have all of the up-to-date records you need to make key financial decisions quickly. For all of your bookkeeping for non-profits in Fresno, trust in our experience and dedication to your success.
Non-Profit Tax Returns
Filing your taxes as a non-profit organization is different than filing them as a business. If you are a new organization, you’ll want to ensure you file accurately to ensure you don’t get hit with costly penalties. Simple mistakes can cost your organization thousands of dollars or even up to 25% of the value of the mistake. Keep that money in your pocket and get tax services for non-profits in Fresno through our team.
Non-Profit Setup
You can also turn to our experienced team to help you to set up your non-profit organization. This is not a simple process, but one that requires very careful steps taken to ensure all IRS regulations are in place. Let us safeguard your investments by keeping penalties out of the picture. By outsourcing your non-profit setup needs to our team, you’ll have more time to focus on building your organization and doing the good work you do.
Tax Exemption Reinstatement
On the day you lose your non-profit status, your organization loses several nonprofit privileges: Board members could be personally liable for taxes, Contributions are not tax deductible, Earned money is taxable, You cannot apply for grants, You cannot solicit contributions, and You cannot conduct certain fundraisers (raffles, auctions etc.). The Good News: It is possible to regain your nonprofit status and continue business as usual. The Bad News: It is time sensitive. Organizations that do not have their status reinstated within 15 months of revocation can expect to pay thousands more to have the status reinstated. MBS has become well versed in the reinstatement process, and can help you navigate the tricky process in about 2 weeks.
Complete Accounting Solution
Outsourcing any and all of your financial needs ensures your non-profit organization remains in compliance with all complicated taxes and reporting requirements. Let us help you to improve your fundraising efficiency and streamline your financial records to ensure accountability and transparency. This is what funders need to know to provide to your organization. Let MBS Accountancy ensure you are putting your best financial foot forward. To reduce fraud risks and ensure ongoing compliance with constantly changing regulatory requirements, non-profit organizations benefit greatly by retaining the services of independent Outsourced Controller/CFO solution providers to manage and supervise their accounting department, especially Accounts Payable and Payroll Processing.
Nonprofit Accounting

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