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5Jan 2016
Jan 5, 2016

A Brief History of Taxes in America

“Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

As long as people have been forming communities, people have been paying taxes. In fact, taxes are an essential component of any thriving civilization. Taxes provide the lifeblood of any developed civilization. Without them, we would […]

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31Jul 2014

10 tax audit red flags- #Tax-fulThurs

Source: Flickr

From being too charitable to claiming the home office deduction, beware these tax audit red flags.

1. You’re very charitable.

Be careful not to overstate your good deeds. The IRS has calculated the average donation level for each income range, so anything that […]

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2Apr 2014

Are you leaving tax money on the table?

Source: 401 (k) 2013, Flickr.
Every year, tens of billions of dollars worth of unclaimed tax refunds and other financial assets languish in government coffers.
In addition to unclaimed tax refunds, state governments are holding onto nearly $42 billion worth of unclaimed property (uncashed paychecks, insurance payouts, unused […]

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1Apr 2014
23Mar 2014

Uncle Sam’s Easiest Tax Shelter, for the Average American

Most people think of tax shelters as being complicated, expensive strategies that only the wealthiest taxpayers use in order to cut their tax bills to Uncle Sam. But what many investors don’t know is that a very simple and easy-to-understand investment—U.S. savings bonds […]

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21Mar 2014

10 Tips for a Better Tax Season Next Year

Tax Day is one of those days you probably find yourself thinking about for weeks on end. It’s kind of like a reverse Christmas: You know it’s coming because those of us in the media have been hyping it in the press for months. You mark […]

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