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16Feb 2015

5 Reasons Why People Change Accountants .

According to AccountingWeb.com, they list the following 5 reasons why people leave their Accountant:

Not having a real understanding of the client’s business. This was the biggest single reason, quoted again and again by business people who had recently changed auditors. He […]

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17Sep 2014

Square Cash

Do you have volunteers or contractors that don’t use PayPal? If you need to reimburse or pay people quickly, using Square cash is a great option. It’s free and anyone who has an email address can do it.
Here’s how it works:

Open a new […]

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16Sep 2014

Where was that again?

Insatiable wanderlust has led me to seven different addresses in the past three years.
Most normal people might think that’s excessive, but to a group of campaigners it’s pretty average. And, because of this, I’ve consistently found myself surrounded by coworkers who struggle to answer […]

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1Aug 2014

How to Spot a Scam- #FrugalFri

Source: Flickr


When trying to make, save, or invest your money you will inevitably encounter a scam. In fact, there have been several occasions when someone has called me with this “great opportunity” and all they needed was my credit card or bank account number. Avoiding a […]

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31Jul 2014

10 tax audit red flags- #Tax-fulThurs

Source: Flickr

From being too charitable to claiming the home office deduction, beware these tax audit red flags.

1. You’re very charitable.

Be careful not to overstate your good deeds. The IRS has calculated the average donation level for each income range, so anything that […]

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30Jul 2014

8 Fun (and Cheap!) Family Fitness Activities- #WorkOutWed

Source: Flickr

1. Hula Hooping

2. Jumping Rope

3. Skating and Scooting

4. Boggying Down (Dancing)

5. Playing Frisbee

6. Walking – or Hiking- the Dog

7. Playground Playtime

8. Tag, You’re It, and Other Outdoor Games

Originally posted and shared from: http://bit.ly/1o2CsIE, by Erin […]

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