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Feb 9, 2017

How Your Church or Nonprofit Can Travel for Less

Your church or nonprofit organization may have big plans to help others here in the U.S. or abroad.  Travel is expensive and can deter a lot of people from committing to charitable ventures that help people in need.  Fortunately, if you are planning a trip where the […]

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Jan 12, 2017

Nonprofits File Taxes, Too

Contrary to popular belief, starting a nonprofit organization does not mean you cannot make a profit. It means that the profit you do make must be reinvested in fulfilling your specific nonprofit mission. As long as you follow these guidelines you will pay little to no tax. However […]

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Dec 3, 2015

What Non-Profits Need to Know About State Compliance Filings

In order to maintain your organization’s nonprofit status, you must comply with both state and federal mandates. In California, non-profits must file a Statement of Information and an RRF-1 form. Failure to do so can results in penalties in the form of fines, or, in […]

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