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28Jul 2014

Baby on the way? Time to make a budget- #MoneyMon

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Congratulations! There is nothing quite as exciting as having your first child — or as expensive.


Assuming your household earnings exceed $105,000, your precious bambino will set you back nearly $400,000 by the time he reaches age 18, the U.S. Department of Agriculture […]

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21Jul 2014

How to Succeed at Working From Home- #MoneyMondays

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1. Get organized.

2. Have a set workspace.

3. Plan your day.

4. Be computer savvy.

5. Avoid home distractions.

6. Limit the number of times your check e-mail.

7. Brush up on your communication skills.

8. Set office hours.

9. Take breaks.

10. Get […]

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14Jul 2014

10 Careers for People Who Love to Travel- #MoneyMon.

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1. Travel Nurse. Travel nurses temporarily fill open positions wherever they’re needed. You might tend to a jellyfish sting in Hawaii one day and nurse a broken leg in Aspen the next. Labor and delivery nurses, emergency room nurses, and operating room nurses are just […]

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7Jul 2014

What makes a 401(k) different?- #MoneyMon.

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Four things differentiate a 401(k) plan from other retirement plans.

When you participate in a 401(k) plan, you tell your employer how much money you want to go into the account. You can usually put up to 15 percent of your salary into the […]

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30Jun 2014

10 Healthy Ways to Build Credit- #MoneyMon









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1. Check Your Credit Report

2. Open a Bank Account

3. Pay Your Bills on Time

4. Get a Co-signer

5. Get a Secured Credit Card

6. Get a Retailer Credit Card

7. Get Your First Credit […]

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