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2018 Tax Reform Updates and how they affect business accounting in Fresno

2018 Tax Reform Updates and How They Affect Your Business

The President recently signed the biggest tax reform law in over 30 years. When you file your 2018 tax returns — about a year from now — your tax return will look very different. And because most changes don’t happen until then, we have some time to learn about […]

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Top IRS Scams

You Could be a Target

Schemes to defraud U.S. Taxpayers continue to run rampant. And you could very easily be the next victim. The best way to combat this growing trend and protect your personal information and assets is to ensure you stay up to […]

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Apr 26, 2016

Should I Install Solar Panels?

Tax Credit

In December of 2015, The Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed, extending the expiration date for PV and solar thermal technologies and introducing a gradual step down in credit values for these technologies.

Under the new guidelines a taxpayer is eligible to claim 30% of […]

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Performing your Accounting in the Cloud

Taxes have been around as long as history goes back, and that means that accountants have been around just as long. However, this age-old line of work isn’t quite what it used to be. Even 20 years ago a typical accounting firm would conjure up images […]

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5 Reasons Why People Change Accountants .

According to AccountingWeb.com, they list the following 5 reasons why people leave their Accountant:

Not having a real understanding of the client’s business. This was the biggest single reason, quoted again and again by business people who had recently changed auditors. He […]

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Tax Time Stress and how to manage

Tax time can be very stressful and not just for the people preparing the returns. Positive coping mechanisms are one method that people use to deal with the increased tax time stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can effect you in the following ways: Headaches, muscle tension […]

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