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Baby on the way? Time to make a budget- #MoneyMon

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Congratulations! There is nothing quite as exciting as having your first child — or as expensive.


Assuming your household earnings exceed $105,000, your precious bambino will set you back nearly $400,000 by the time he reaches age 18, the U.S. Department of Agriculture […]

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Save Money By Turning Off The TV- #FrugalFri

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One big way to save (even earn) money is to watch less television. Everyday after work I am tempted to turn on the TV. Once I get into a show I have little motivation to do anything else, and time spent watching TV is almost always […]

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10 Healthy Ways to Build Credit- #MoneyMon









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1. Check Your Credit Report

2. Open a Bank Account

3. Pay Your Bills on Time

4. Get a Co-signer

5. Get a Secured Credit Card

6. Get a Retailer Credit Card

7. Get Your First Credit […]

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9 Ways to Teach Teenagers About Money

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While learning budgeting skills is not likely to be a high priority for most teenagers, teaching money management skills is as essential to raising kids as reminding them to brush their teeth and eat their vegetables. If the financial crisis taught us anything, it should […]

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How to Stretch Your Budget for the 4 Most-Expensive Holidays














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It’s easy to forget about holidays when you put together a monthly budget, but if you take a look at a calendar, you’ll notice most months have them […]

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